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Eurosun works very hard to offer you the best deals in the market. We partner with reliable and accredited brands for panels and inverters to deliver quality systems at competitive prices.

Eurosun is proud to partner with Q Cell and GE to bring an outstanding, high-end Solar PV system to the Perth market at an unparalleled price point.

Solar Power Systems

Q Cells


Q Cells is a very reliable and accredited well-known brand in the market. It is an enduring high-performance solar power system with up to 20.4% efficiency.

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GE 3-5KW


Trusted brand the GE 3-5KW inverter has beautiful aesthetics and user-friendly design.  It has the most advanced safety features and much more.

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*LIMITED OFFER: Best deals in the market (fully supplied & installed) Solar Hot Water System + Solar Panels.

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