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Nathan Vardy

West Coast Eagles


Carine, Steve Carruthers

‘The guys were on time and fixed the problem immediately. Thank you.’

Noranda, Salih Sehic

‘The technician was friendly and helpful and taught us a few things about the installation and the electrical meter.’

North Perth, Nicole H.

‘We purchased the 200L Eurosun Solar Hot Water System and are more than happy with the product. We didn’t have enough space on the ground so the roof mounted system was the best practical and financial solution.’

Cottesloe, Andrew B.

‘Eurosun is a great product. I highly recommend the system. We have a big family of 5 and recently had the 300 Litre Eurosun Hot Water System installed.’

Yanchep, Jennifer R.

‘I have a 300 litre tank and have found the system to perform very well over the summer and winter. The quantity of water we use now with a young family in need of large hot water supply, the Eurosun system has provided this and much lower energy bills. Overall, I can highly recommend the Eurosun product based on my experiences.’

Forrestfield, Chris S.

‘Water is always hot, and there is always plenty of it. I’m located in Perth, and the Eurosun system is perfect for this climate. The product is reliable, dependable and sturdy. Good buy.’

Duncraig, Marie S.

‘My partner and I researched solar hot water systems for a long period of time until we came across the Eurosun system. The price for their systems is exceptional good and the product is a high quality investment. We are very happy with our roof mounted system.’

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